A Day in the Life of a Home Health Care Aide

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Whether you need to hire one or want to be one, this is what home health aides experience daily.

As an increasing number of seniors are choosing to “age in place,” the need for healthcare professionals willing to work or even live inside the home also increases. If you are searching for a professional to provide home health services for yourself or your loved one, knowing what an aide does on a daily basis can make you more comfortable with the decision to hire one. If you are a student interested in caring for ailing seniors who want to remain at home, it is also important that you understand what your responsibilities will be on a daily basis.

Delivering love and compassion

First and foremost, home health care aides are those who’ve found their true calling to be a loving and caring advocate for those who need help. The best home health care aides believe that their patients should be treated with respect, patience and with the same level of care and compassion they’d give to their own family.

Up with the sun

A home health aide can start their day very early in the morning, assisting their patient with daily tasks like showering or bathing, getting dressed and preparing breakfast. Many seniors awake before the sun, so it is not unusual for a home health care aide to be there first thing (if they are not a live-in) to help them with their morning needs.

Spending the day

Many home health care aides spend the day with their patients. While they offer companionship, they also provide a myriad of services. They prepare meals, take care of laundry, run errands and handle other housekeeping tasks in addition to ensuring that their patient is safe and comfortable.


A home health care aide will make sure that their patient gets to and from doctor appointments and take them shopping. They will go to the store with their patient, ensure that they are safe in their wheelchair, with their walker or cane, if needed, and help them get what they need in addition to getting them back home safely.


For busy families, home health care aides serve as the eyes and ears for the family of their patient. Because they spend so much time with them, they are often the first to notice when something is wrong or there are changes in their patient’s behavior. Home health care aides may keep a log of activity and medications that help the family and doctors understand what’s happening in the patient’s life.


For the patient who is taking medications, having a home health care aide to assist them is a critical part of their care. As seniors age, they can forget to take medications or can get confused as to which ones to take at which times. Ensuring that the patient gets the right medication at the right time is is an important part of the home health care aide’s responsibilities.

24-hour days

While many home health care aides work a regular 40 hour week, many of them work nights, weekends, holidays or provide live-in services. No matter which avenue they choose to pursue, home health care aides spend much of their work time on their feet caring for the sick and the elderly. It’s a career that requires physical strength as well as emotional stability. It goes without saying that those who choose to be home health care aides have a high level of compassion and gain great fulfillment from helping others.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance with daily tasks, consider how a home health care aide can help. Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and the services we provide.

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Written by Bart Delsing

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