The Rise of Granny Pods: Is This a Good Living Option for Your Senior?

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Home health care right in your own backyard!

For many of us, the worry of where our loved one will live when they reach the age where they need extra care is all too real. And when you add in the unsettling thought of having to send them to a nursing home, the stress gets even deeper. But today, there’s an alternative to nursing homes and traditional assisted living options that’s becoming more popular, and it just might be the solution you’re looking for. Granny Pods!

What’s a Granny Pod?

Granny Pods, or MedCottages, were invented by Reverend Ken Dupin, who was looking to provide an alternative to nursing homes and a new way to give eldercare. These tiny homes are essentially pre-fabricated pods that are delivered and placed right in your backyard. Designed to offer your loved one their own space while still allowing them to be close to you and your family, Granny Pods hook up to your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, making them convenient and cost effective.

Senior-friendly safety features

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of these nifty little houses are that they are made with your senior’s life, health, and safety in mind. Although they are small, each pod has an accessible bathroom, complete with grab bars and other safety features built in. The floor is made of a special padded material that not only makes it easier on the feet, but reduces the risk of injuries due to a fall. The kitchens include a small fridge, a microwave, and a medication dispenser. The sleeping area is comfortable and webcams throughout the pod ensure that you can keep an eye on your loved one—there’s even room enough for a caregiver.

Healthy technology

Each MedCottage is also equipped with advanced technology that can be used to monitor your loved one’s vitals, provide air filtering, and communicate with the outside world. There is even the ability to set alerts to let your senior or a caregiver know it’s time to take medications.

Three different models

Depending on your needs, or if you have both your parents or grandparents to care for, you can choose from three different Granny Pods. Each one offers the same features, but comes in different sizes ranging from small to large. And they are aesthetically pleasing, so adding one to your backyard doesn’t diminish the beauty of your property. On the contrary, the Granny Pod looks like a charming cottage.

Keeping loved ones close

It’s never easy to face the decision that your senior needs constant care. But when you do reach that point, Granny Pods are one way you can keep your loved ones close while ensuring they have the help they need. For many seniors, living alone is not only dangerous for their physical health, it causes them to become lonely which leads to emotional trouble. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep an eye on your senior, stay close as a family, or he or she needs assistance at all times, this solution is easy and affordable. It also gives you the peace of mind that your loved one is just a few footsteps away.

If you’ve been struggling with the decision on the best way to take care of your senior, these cottages are definitely worth looking into. And if you’re in need of a home healthcare aide in Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, or Martin County, get in touch with FirstLantic at 877.618.3624 or through our online contact form. We’re happy to discuss your unique needs and how we can provide professional, compassionate in-home care.

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