5 Exercises You Can Do With Senior Loved Ones to Support Their Health

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Get fit and have fun with mom and dad.

Just like the rest of us, seniors who exercise are healthier and happier. Science has proven that people who exercise are physically and emotionally better off than those who do not. And for seniors, physical activity offers additional safeguards like preventing falls by improving balance and coordination, reducing chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, and decreasing depression. So if you are able to assist your loved one in an exercise program, you’ll be benefitting the both of you while engaging in the camaraderie that comes from working out together. Here are some exercises that are recommended for seniors:

1. Stretching exercises

Staying flexible and limber improves a senior’s balance and mobility and simple stretching exercises are the way for them to achieve that. Those who stretch regularly are also prone to recover faster from injuries. Working together, you and your loved one can do simple stretches like touching your toes (with or without knees bent), practicing yoga and simply rotating your heads and arms back and forth slowly.

2. Swimming

A low impact way to get aerobic activity and improve flexibility- swimming is safe, easy and fun. It is also beneficial because it relieves stress on the bones and joints so that there is little risk of injury. Doing laps or water aerobics with your loved one allows them to strengthen the muscles in their arms, legs, back and shoulders and you can make it fun by alternating different strokes.

3. Low impact aerobics

Whether in a class at a gym or in your living room, you and your loved one can have fun while getting fit when you participate in low-impact aerobic activities. There are many DVD’s you can get or you can sign up for a class that you can do together, including water aerobics.

4. Walking

What’s more fun than taking a walk? Taking one together! Everyone is aware of the benefits of walking, including improved circulation, lowering blood pressure, strengthening of the bones to reduce risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures, weight loss, increased energy and boosting your mood. Research shows that those who walk regularly live longer and happier lives.

5. Strength training

Increasing strength can be extremely beneficial for seniors, it helps improve their muscle mass and endurance. A fun way to workout together is to do simple exercises like bicep and triceps curls using 1-2 pound dumbbells, resistance bands or even lifting everyday objects like cans of food.

Other activities that will help support their health

In addition to the above exercises, activities like golf, tennis and gardening are all good ways to improve the health of your loved one while spending time together.

It’s never too late to implement an exercise routine into your life and for many seniors, it’s an effective way to improve overall health while socializing and having fun. Be sure to check with your loved one’s doctor if they have any chronic health problems so you can make sure the exercises are safe. And if you or your loved one is in need of help with daily activities, give us a call today to find out about our array of services.

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Written by Jack Maloney

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