Our tips begin and end with you


Not enough can be said about the positives of a healthy quality of life, especially as we age. Like a rock tossed into a pond, there is no telling how far the benefits can reach – from an improved mental and emotional state to physical wellbeing to overall happiness.


As a caretaker of an elderly loved one, there are five things that can be done today to maintain or improve the wellbeing of your senior.
1.Reduce the risk of falling


Falls are one of the most common negative occurrences for the elderly, and they can result in serious injury, permanent damage, long hospital stays, and even long recuperating time. They can also be fatal.


No matter if your senior loved one is living independently or with you, it’s critical that you assess the residence for issues that can result in a fall – such as clutter, electrical cords, and loose rugs – and take steps to correct them.
2.Support physical and mental health with activity


There are countless activities that can help seniors maintain their physical and mental health, including walking, light weight lifting, gardening, music, puzzles, and family activities. Before embarking on any exercise regimen, it’s important to consult with a physician or physical therapist.
3.Combat loneliness


As people age, there’s a tendency to become more isolated. Isolation leads to loneliness, which can lead to depression, which then leads to poorer mental function and health.


Creating more opportunities for socialization can do wonders for both mental and physical health. Consider suggesting a part-time job, volunteering, or joining a club and by all means, call in the cavalry – other family members.
4.Develop and maintain a strong relationship with your senior’s physician and/or home health aide


With an elderly loved one, there may be many health and mental issues to consider, such sundowner syndrome, diabetes, scams, and so many more.


To make conversations with healthcare professionals more productive, keep a journal of how your senior is doing. Make note of any changes that are of concern and any questions you may have regarding treatment, medication, and/or a prescribed course of action.


In your notes, be as specific as possible, including the time of day. The more details you have, the better you will be in explaining issues to the healthcare professional – and the better able he or she will be in assisting your senior.
5.Know when you need assistance


Caring for an elderly loved one can be a challenging responsibility, emotionally and physically. That’s why FirstLantic stresses the importance of you taking care of you. It’s okay to ask for assistance, and we’re here for you as much as we are for your family member – because when you’re well, your loved one is likelier to be well.


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