7 12, 2023

How to Convince Parents They Need Home Care Services

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Figuring out how to convince parents they need home care services may seem like a delicate task, but it's a crucial step toward providing them with the support and assistance they need to maintain a comfortable and independent lifestyle. In this article, FirstLantic Healthcare explores effective tips to approach this conversation with empathy and understanding.   Open Communication: Initiating an open and honest conversation is the first step. Choose a comfortable and quiet environment where everyone can express their thoughts without interruptions. Begin by expressing your concerns for their well-being and emphasize your desire to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life.   Highlight Benefits: Emphasize the positive aspects of home care services. Discuss how these services can enhance their quality of life by [...]

2 10, 2023

Breast Cancer Quiz

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As many of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month.  And while strides are being made every day in research, detection, and treatment, there are still too many women and men that die from the disease every year.  In fact, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States and the first leading cause of cancer death among women globally.  So, FirstLantic has put together a breast cancer quiz on the facts and the fiction .  Take the quiz and test your knowledge and ensure that you have the most up to date information.   Please feel free to share – it could save someone’s life.   Answers can be found at the end of this breast cancer [...]

19 06, 2023

Give Dad the Gift of Health

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Updated June 19th, 2023 Father’s Day has come and gone, and you’re still trying to figure out what to get your dad besides a card. After all, he already has everything, and you’ve noticed a few of your previous gifts have actually ended up in the garage. And then it hits you. What if you could use some gentle persuasion to get your father to take better care of himself? He has put on more than a few pounds and still loves to eat his steak and potatoes instead of salad. But how do you get dad to realize that he’s not 25 anymore and he must start eating healthier and exercising? You don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you also want him to [...]

27 02, 2023

How Vitamin B Contributes to Brain Health as We Age

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Vitamin B is a group of essential nutrients crucial in maintaining wellness, including brain health. Several B vitamins are vital, including thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folic acid (B9), and cobalamin (B12). You probably already know how calcium is important for your bones and how Vitamin C is good for your immune system, but you may not know how vitamin B can help keep you mentally sharp. FirstLantic highlights four reasons why vitamin B is so crucial for your brain health: Energy production: B vitamins play a key role in energy production, as they help convert food into glucose, which the brain needs to function properly. Neurotransmitter production: B vitamins produce neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that allow [...]

19 12, 2022

Remote Caregivers: How Technology Can Help

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Updated December 18, 2022   Taking care of loved ones can be incredibly stressful, especially when they happen to be your parents.  For most of your life, they were your anchor and guide, and now you find that the roles have reversed.  To add to the emotional complexity, there is the challenge of being a remote caregiver. You have hired a home healthcare agency to help with daily meal preparation and transportation, but how can you ensure your parent’s physical safety if they live alone?  Fortunately, technology is making it easier to monitor your loved one, even from a physical distance. FirstLantic has put together a list of eight monitoring tools to help you sleep more soundly, knowing that your parents are safe.   GPS [...]

5 12, 2022

Home Healthcare Services – 10 Facts to Know

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Home healthcare services - do you or your loved one fully understand how it works and if it’s the right choice?  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that make the decision-making process confusing. FirstLantic wants to help you determine the best alternative for your care, so we have created this short quiz to ensure you have all the facts. Answers are provided at the end.   Home Healthcare Aides (HHA) always live in the home of their clients. True or False Hourlyhome healthcare services can include which of the following? Medication reminders Light household chores Transportation to appointments Companionship All of the above Home healthcare services are often more expensive than assisted living. True or False Home healthcare is low-quality compared to the care provided in hospitals and facilities. [...]

26 10, 2022

Home Health Care and Assisted Living Myths

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The choice between home healthcare and assisted living can be difficult.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about both. FirstLantic wants to help you make the best possible decision for care. Take the short quiz below to test your knowledge and ensure you have the facts.  Answers are provided at the end.   1. Home Healthcare Aides (HHA) always live in the home of their clients. True or False.   2. Home Healthcare services can include which of the following? Medication management Light household chores Transportation to appointments Companionship All of the above   3. Independent Living and Communities for Age 55+ are basically the same. True or False.   4. Home Healthcare is often more expensive than assisted living. True or False.   5. Home care [...]

26 09, 2022

How Seniors Can Benefit from Healthcare Coordination

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According to a survey by CareMore Health, 70% of senior patients need better healthcare coordination. Other research shows that 35 percent of those over age 65 have no one assisting them with coordinating their care, and 34 percent say a family member is helping them. The American health care system has become incredibly fragmented and complex and often involves managing multiple specialists, medications, and physician appointments. That's why professional care coordination can be so beneficial. FirstLantic Healthcare examines how this service can be a lifesaver for seniors and their families.   Why is proactive care management so important?   With many older Americans having at least two chronic conditions, the lack of a holistic approach to their medical care can lead to catastrophic results. Today, over [...]

12 09, 2022

Choosing Between Home Healthcare or Assisted Living

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Home Healthcare or assisted living?  For many seniors, there comes a time when they need a little extra help and have to decide whether to stay in their own home and hire a home healthcare provider versus moving into an independent or assisted living community. There are advantages to both, so it's essential to determine what you need and weigh the cost benefits and your personal lifestyle preferences. In South Florida, there are many options enabling you to make the best choice suited to your needs. Here are the main things to consider:   Requirements for assistance The first consideration is deciding on the type of home services you need. Do you simply require help with household chores, meals, or full-time assistance due to medical needs? Is [...]

30 08, 2022

Travel Tips for Seniors

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Click here to watch the video >   FirstLantic Home Healthcare offers traveling tips for seniors in this video — from cruises to group tours, senior discounts to safety advice, Firstlantic Home Healthcare offers you peace-of-mind that you or your family member will always receive outstanding care — delivered with compassion and dignity.   Click here for more Firstlantic Healthcare blogs >   Click here for more information on FirstLantic >

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