How You Can Help Floridians After Hurricane Ian

2022-12-19T21:08:30-05:00October 3rd, 2022|Categories: At Home Healthcare, Donations, Hurricane, Hurricane Relief, Kindness|

Hurricane Ian caused unfathomable devastation. Making landfall in Florida just days after Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico and Cuba, the catastrophic storm wreaked havoc in its' path.   One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the U.S., it caused extreme flooding, severe wind damage, and the loss of life. Many of the communities that were in its wake are unrecognizable. It can be overwhelming to view the photos and videos and think about how people can possibly begin to rebuild their lives, but we can all help. FirstLantic, a healthcare company based in Florida for over 22 years, provides suggestions for making a difference.   Numerous reputable organizations have mobilized to help those suffering from the aftereffects of Hurricane Ian. However, it's essential to [...]