Environmentally Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

2022-12-19T03:24:42-05:00March 29th, 2022|Categories: Environmentally friendly products, Spring Cleaning|Tags: , , , , , |

Spring has finally sprung!  Flowers in bloom, longer days, and the best part of all – spring cleaning.  Okay, well maybe that’s not the best part but it sure does feel good once you’ve finished.  But how do you do it in a way that’s good for you and the planet? Because let’s face it, toxic chemicals and a bunch of waste that is going to end up in a landfill are not good for anyone.  Since FirstLantic Healthcare cares about your wellbeing, we’re aggregating some techniques for you to get things spotless using natural ingredients as well as tips on recycling the things you decide to discard.  So, let’s get cleaning!   Clean stainless-steel sinks with baking soda Wet your sink and faucet, sprinkle [...]