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13 11, 2023

The Cognitive Delight: The Profound Benefits of Puzzles for Seniors

2023-11-13T15:09:05-05:00November 13th, 2023|Categories: Brain Health|

Puzzles have long been recognized as more than just a source of entertainment; they are powerful tools. The benefits of puzzles for seniors is profound.  Whether it's a jigsaw puzzle, crossword, sudoku, or a brain teaser, these seemingly simple activities offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the joy of solving. In this article, FirstLantic Healthcare delves into the multifaceted advantages of engaging in puzzles, showcasing how they contribute to cognitive health, emotional well-being, and even social interactions.   1. Cognitive Exercise for the Brain: Puzzles serve as a workout for the brain, challenging and strengthening cognitive functions. When individuals tackle puzzles, they activate various regions of the brain responsible for logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and problem-solving. This mental exercise not only enhances memory [...]

1 08, 2022

Four Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age

2022-12-19T21:10:30-05:00August 1st, 2022|Categories: Aging, Alzheimers, Brain Health, Dementia, Health, Mental Wellness, Mindset|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Have you ever believed the familiar adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks? That you are simply past the point of being able to learn different things once you reach a certain age?   If you have entertained those thoughts, then FirstLantic has some information that might change your mind.   Scientific evidence shows that while for most people, raw mental horsepower declines after the age of 30, knowledge and expertise keep increasing even beyond the age of 80.    Data also suggests that drive and curiosity are catalysts for new skill acquisition, even during late adulthood. And intellectually engaged people tend to be lifelong learners regardless of their age. The more intellectually curious, the more they continue to gain knowledge, including vocabulary.   Another [...]

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