Especially important for seniors, these tips are good for everyone


Here’s a startling statistic: Every year in America, about 18,000 people die from injuries suffered in their home. And around a third of those are related to falls. While anyone can take a nasty fall, older people are the ones who are most likely to get seriously injured. This is why the right precautions are vital. To avoid being another statistic, here are seven measures to take:
Get rid of tripping hazards


Unless a home is very new, there are almost certainly things people could trip over. These might include the edge of a loose carpet, a protruding floorboard, or maybe even a nail that could snag a dress or pant leg.
Remove clutter


If there’s just too much stuff muddling up the house, it’s probably time to have a garage sale or take a trip out to a donation center. But it’s also a good idea to take away or better organize furniture or decorative items that make it difficult to maneuver around a house.
Add better lighting


How do you know you won’t trip over something if you can’t see it? If there are any dark spots around a home, think about installing new lighting. At the very least, putting in brighter bulbs can be a big help. You may also want to consider night-lights in strategic spots, such as bathrooms.
Wear the right clothing


We all want to wear comfy clothes, particularly when we’re at home. However, loose or baggy clothing can lead to a fall. The same is true if you’re just wearing socks. Instead, shoes or slippers with non-slip soles are the better options, especially if an individual suffers from limited mobility.
Install safety devices


Because so many falls take place in bathrooms, grab bars are essential, as are non-slip mats in the bathtub. There should be one in the bathtub and another by the toilet. Stairs can also be dangerous, so if there already isn’t a handrail, one should be put in.
Seek expert help


One of the best ways to prevent falls is by taking a close look at a home to address potential dangers. However, if you can’t do this yourself, you can get help from an expert. At FirstLantic, we have created a fall prevention program. We can assess a home as well as other factors, like medications that could contribute to a fall, and then come up with a plan so seniors will be protected. In addition, our homecare professionals always make sure our clients are as safe as possible.


FirstLantic provides hourly, daily, and overnight care to seniors in St. Lucie, Broward, Indian River, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties, and we’ve been doing it since 2000. If you need help for a loved one, you can call us at 877-618-3624 or fill out our online contact form.