10 Fun Things to do:


You look forward all year to spending time with the grandkids or your nieces and nephews but as the time gets closer, you start to panic. How do I keep them occupied? I can only take them to the park so many times. Well, Firstlantic ,your caregiver portal is coming to your rescue with ideas for activities that are sure to be fun for all of you. The most important thing is to find something that everyone can enjoy. If you hate puzzles, then find something else. The bottom line is that there is no shortage of activities so don’t suffer through something just for the sake of it. We have put together enough ideas that at least one of these is bound to satisfy everyone.


1. Get creative – whether it is a pottery class or an arts and crafts project, making something together can be fun and stimulating.

2. Record your family history together – have them act like a journalist and ask you questions and then switch roles. It will be fun at the time as well as something that you can record so they can treasure it when they get older.

3. Create a collage of family photos – put together actual photos offline or create a digital collage that can be printed out and framed.

4. Write a story together – pick a topic and write a page or more a day until you have your first chapter. Make a copy and continue the process via video chat when they go home.

5. Plan a night of Karaoke – you don’t need a real Karaoke machine. Here is a video link that shows how you can use iTunes to create your own family Karaoke night.

6. Camp in – toast some marshmallows, light some candles, pitch a tent inside or get underneath the dining room table and tell some kid-friendly ghost stories.

7. Learn some computer skills – chances are that the young kids in your family know as much if not more than you do about electronic devices. Find some kid-friendly apps together that you can download.

8. Prepare a meal of their choice – of course, the choices should be nutritious, but let them pick one and then let them help prepare it.

9. Go on an online scavenger hunt – create a digital scavenger hunt that you can play with them on your computer or mobile device.

10. Play cards – there are endless games that you can play with kids with a simple deck of cards.


As we said earlier, the most important thing is to find something that you all can enjoy together. If you are going through the motions because you have to keep them occupied, they will sense it. So, embrace your inner kid and have some memorable fun together that you will treasure for many years to come.