Whether you are downsizing because of a move or simply to unclutter your life, there are definitely some tangible benefits that can come from the process. Sometimes we end up spending more time taking care of “our things” than ourselves or our friends and family. When you remove some of those obstacles, you have time to focus on what is really important. Here are three positives that can come from downsizing:


Mental space

We all spend a lot of time cleaning and moving things around in our houses. In fact, many of us have possessions in our garages that have been there for years and have not been touched for as long. So why do we keep them? Why do we stress out every time we go in the garage and think about the fact that we need to get rid of all this junk? If we haven’t touched something for years, then we probably don’t need it anymore and we could give it to someone that could really use it. The benefit is that we can help someone else and stop stressing over the mess and clutter.


Cost savings

Our neighbors that live across the street have three cars for two people. They are paying for insurance, dealing with repair costs when something goes wrong and one of the cars is driven very rarely. Seems crazy, no? I am sure there are plenty of other things that we could all live without and save money in the process. As we get older, we can put that money to better use. Whether it is used to get some extra help in the house or travel or help our kids and grandkids with their expenses. Any or all of these would serve a better purpose than paying for things that we barely use.


More time

When you have less to worry about, you have more time in your life for more productive endeavors. Whether it is exercising, helping out at a local school or spending the day with the grandkids, you can use your time (and money) in more pleasurable ways and perhaps make some new friends in the process. The act of acquiring possessions over the years is not necessarily a bad thing but if they no longer serve their purpose, it is time to sell, donate or dispose of it.


Downsizing can be emotionally taxing but it doesn’t have to be. It requires a mind shift to think about the positives that can come from the process. Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or simply eliminating some of the clutter, you are saving money, gaining time and eliminating stress and worry in the process.