We hear you – Labor Day signifies the end of summer. Say good-bye to pool time (unless you live in Florida), the longer days and the slower pace. But there is no reason to despair because FirstLantic,senior health websites is here to provide 10 ideas for amazing things you can take advantage of only in the fall. So, say good-bye to summer but fall hard for Autumn with your family and friends!


Take a Fall Foliage Drive – take advantage of some of the best places in the country for an amazing show of colors.
Tell scary ghost stories – light some candles, stoke the fire and let the stories begin!
Go camping – check out these incredible places in the Fall because less people and less bugs mean more fun.
Pick some apples – go to a local farm, pick out the best fruit and make an apple pie-cake.
Take a graveyard tour – older cemeteries can be a great way for you and your family to learn about historical figures while on the tour and use that inspiration to tell some spooky stories afterwards.
Go to a college football game – even if you don’t like sports, it can be a fun outing with family and friends. If you don’t live near a college, check out a local high school game instead.
Create your own fall festival – organizing a neighborhood festival can be a great way to teach kids about the season and raise money for a local charity.
Hold a pumpkin carving contest – check out some of these professional tools and creative designs that are bound to make your pumpkin a work of art.
Make a fall wreath – using supplies you can find at a craft store and in your own backyard, there are no shortage of ways that you can create a welcoming wreath for your front door.
Change-up the traditional S’more recipe – S’mores can be a fun treat for fall but try some new techniques this year.


So, there you have it – fall is a perfect season because it’s still usually warm enough to be outside, but you don’t have to feel guilty about staying indoors either. So, whether you use this time to take a trip and see the grandkids or cuddle up under a blanket to gaze at the stars, there is no reason to miss summer when you could fall for Autumn!