Updated June 19th, 2023

Father’s Day has come and gone, and you’re still trying to figure out what to get your dad besides a card. After all, he already has everything, and you’ve noticed a few of your previous gifts have actually ended up in the garage. And then it hits you. What if you could use some gentle persuasion to get your father to take better care of himself? He has put on more than a few pounds and still loves to eat his steak and potatoes instead of salad. But how do you get dad to realize that he’s not 25 anymore and he must start eating healthier and exercising? You don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you also want him to live a long life and see your children grow up. So, as June includes Father’s Day and National Men’s Health Month, why not give him the gift of a healthier lifestyle? FirstLantic, a company devoted to quality healthcare, has five positive ways to encourage your dad to exercise and eat healthier. In the process, you might even get in better shape as well!

  1. Determine the right motivation.

Like most things in life, nagging usually doesn’t work, so let’s start by looking at what motivates men to get healthier. Research has found that males are often inspired by achieving mastery or participating in competition. So, if you want to encourage dad to take better care of himself, try engaging his competitive side. Another way to motivate him might be to talk about his glory days when he was an athlete in high school or college or won that bowling tournament at the community center. People often feel more inspired when they think about when they were good at something or achieved success, so encourage that. Ask Dad to give you pointers on his sport of choice (even if you don’t need it).

  1. Plan an adventure.

Getting out and doing something fun can also be good exercise and a way to get your dad back into the swing of things. If he loves golf, why not spring for a day at the course (and don’t use a cart)? Or, if your father likes to go camping, plan an overnight hiking trip that’s not too strenuous but will remind him of the enjoyable part of fitness. Whatever you do, it should be something you can have fun doing together so that it doesn’t seem so much like work.

  1. Sign up to participate in an event.

Whether walking for charity or running a half marathon, use the event as an incentive to get your father to eat better and start an exercise routine. Training as a team will allow you to spend quality time together and might spur on your dad’s competitive side. After all, Dad doesn’t want you to outshine him on event day!

  1. Fitness magazines, smartwatches, and more.

Maybe your dad still thinks eating healthy tastes bad or that getting fit means hitting the gym. He may not even be aware of all the appetizing healthy recipes and how many interesting ways you can exercise without it feeling like drudgery. A subscription to a fitness magazine might introduce him to a whole new way of thinking about getting in shape. Your father might also get into a fitness routine with a gadget or two like a smartwatch. Innovative tracking programs provide specific data, such as a running index score, to learn how to run faster with less effort. Other programs have features that track macronutrient balance. What about showing him some ways to prevent workout fatigue by learning new exercises? The Fitness Dice Workout Game includes 50-plus cards printed with images and descriptions for activities he can mix and match to create unique mini-workouts. And if you want to go all out, you can get your Father The Mirror, which enables him to take cardio or yoga classes, box, or work out with his own personal trainer.

  1. Treat him to some personalized attention.

Maybe your dad needs some tennis lessons to get back into the swing of things, a personal trainer, or a healthy cooking class at a community center. What about a membership to the local Y so he can start swimming again? Sometimes, all we need is a little friendly push to jumpstart good habits again. Your gift could also be a perfect way for your dad to meet new people and perhaps gain a workout or golfing buddy. Or if your parents want to spend more quality time together, treat them both.


Regardless of your tactic to help your dad get healthier, ensure he knows it comes from a place of love. Ensure that he understands you want him to live a long and happy life and spend as much quality time with you and the rest of your family. If your father finds it hard to get motivated by himself, he may do it for the sake of his loved ones.

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