Part two in a three part series

In our previous blog, we provided information about some of the perks that seniors can take advantage of as it pertains to entertainment, shopping and travel. In the second part of our three part series, we are going to provide some tips about home and healthcare services that eligible seniors can utilize. Part three will focus on other free or discounted benefits such as tax preparation, insurance and banking.


Free Transportation

One of the most frustrating things for many seniors is their inability to leave their home without asking for help from friends or family. Fortunately, there are other options. Many communities have transportation services that are funded by the Federal government to help the elderly and the disabled and assist them in getting to appointments or activities. The services can vary by locale but typically it’s a door-to-door van that’s available by appointment. To find out more about the federally funded transportation options in the area, contact the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging or search the Department of Health and Human Service’s Eldercare Locator on the topic Transportation.


Alzheimer’s Support and Therapy

For Alzheimer’s patients, the key to living a productive life for as long as possible is to be able to cope with the tasks of daily living. It can be very frustrating both for the patient and family to lose basic life skills. However, there are services available that include outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy. Patients with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia covered by Medicare Part B are eligible to participate. Their doctor will need to prescribe the treatment and then use a Medicare-certified therapist. For more information, go to


Help with Household Tasks

Let’s face it – very few of us really like housecleaning, yard work etc but it becomes more burdensome as we get older and sometimes even impossible. Luckily, there are services that can help. For those that are over 60 or disabled, assistance may be available with daily tasks around the home including cleaning, cooking, yard work as well as lifting or moving furniture. As part of the Older Americans Act, many local agencies on aging offer these services as part of their homecare offerings. For example, for seniors living independently in South Florida, FirstLantic can provide this type of care. You can also find information on other local services here >


Housing Rehabilitation Grants and Low Interest Loans

For many seniors, it is important to live independently as long as possible and that often means staying in their own home. However, they may not always have the funds to properly maintain their residence. If it becomes necessary to correct health or safety hazards or to make a home more accessible to those that are physically impaired, there are programs to help provide financial aid. These programs are partially paid for by HUD but are administered by each state. Contact your State Agency on Aging for information on the programs in your area.



There are also benefits specifically for veterans to buy a house or car or modify ones that they already own. Veterans can see if they are eligible for the Veterans Pension Benefit and the Aid & Attendance Allowance which also allows for home care services.


In summary, one of the biggest challenges of aging can be a feeling of helplessness as it becomes more difficult to do things that once came easily. It is especially hard for those seniors or veterans that do not have family or friends living near them. However, that doesn’t mean they are alone. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and fortunately, there are services available for just that purpose.


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