The financial benefits of in-home care


Anyone who’s needed healthcare since the passage of the Affordable Care Act can attest to the fact that it remains expensive. Increasing hospital and pharmaceutical fees have caused insurers to increase their rates by 105% since the bill was initiated. Because taxpayer dollars offset premium costs for those who can’t afford insurance, the rocketing costs of healthcare affect us all.


As we grow older, especially in circumstances where extensive care is necessary, hospital costs can be financially crippling – even with insurance. In these cases, in-home care can provide significant financial relief for individuals, insurance companies, and the country as whole.
How home healthcare is saving more than just lives


A study published by the American Journal of Medicine (AJM) reported that home healthcare can save between $6,433 to $15,233 per patient. Here’s why being cared for at home can make healthcare more affordable for everyone:


Decreased readmissions and deaths. The same AJM study concluded that at-home care “reduces follow-up hazard of readmission and death.” Home healthcare can aid in the hospital to home transition, providing superior medical continuity. At-home care also improves safety and provides social engagement for those who would otherwise be alone during this process.


Fewer doctor visits. At-home care has shown to decrease the need for doctor visits by as much as 25%. Less time at the doctor is not only a sign of better health, it also means more time for patients to focus on what matters most to them in life.


Better care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. A report by the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) revealed an almost 10% drop in hospital admittance for patients benefiting from at-home care.


Clinical savings. Institutes that cover digestive disease, neurological, urological and kidney, heart and vascular, and general medicine sub-disciplines all reported cost and clinical benefits associated with at-home care.


Reduced national health care costs. A decrease in the demand for in-patient services can dramatically lower the overall cost of healthcare in the United States. At-home care providers offer information to doctors that, according to the HCAOA, “may help improve diagnosis and treatment of seniors and help them avoid costly hospital stays.” The reduction in hospital visits saves Medicare and insurers money, which translates into a lighter national healthcare burden.
Home healthcare Floridians can trust


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