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The reality is that dating after 50 is different than dating at 25. However, it’s not as different as you might think. There are still the awkward first dates and the anxiety over how much to reveal about yourself. And of course, the age-old challenge of finding someone who is compatible and also ready for the same type of relationship at the same time.


So, why even bother? Well, we all have a need for companionship and for many of us that means having some sort of romantic relationship. So, if you’re ready for the next step, read on for some tips to help you get back in the game.


Ways to Meet

The main difference between dating the first time around is that the Internet has changed the way many people meet. Instead of the old-fashioned way i.e., blind dates, meeting through friends or randomly connecting, there are now alternatives that promise to help you find the perfect match.


There are many dating websites that specifically cater to an over-50 demographic. While there are plenty of dating disaster anecdotes, there are also a lot of success stories. The key is to do some due diligence before you meet. The good news is that there plenty of ways to get the whole story (just in case they exaggerated a bit). You can easily do a search on Google to see if anything interesting comes up. You can also go to their Facebook page, Linkedin or other social media sources which can reveal a lot about someone. The idea is not to be paranoid but just to be smart. You are simply doing a little “sleuthing”. For some of the dating websites for an over 50 demographic, here are a few options:,, and


Another way that many senior singles meet is through organized events or trips that are catered towards connecting people of a similar age and interests. Singles Travel International offers trips and cruises for singles ages 50 and over several times each year. You have lot of options from going on safari to spending some time exploring Italy.


For those that want to stay closer to home, there are also organized meet-ups that you can find in your local area. Click here to visit Meetup >


If you are looking for someone that you can connect with intellectually, why not go to a lecture or get involved in a book club? You can usually find information about options for both through your local library. And, don’t forget wine or gardening clubs which are also good options depending on your interests.


So what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t find the next great love of your life, chances are that you will meet some interesting people along the way and maybe even make some new friends. At the very least, you are bound to have some good stories to share later!


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