These four tips can keep someone from becoming a victim


Most of us have nothing but reverence and respect for the older people in our lives. They may be our parents and great grandparents, but they’re also our teachers, role models, and so much more. Unfortunately, however, for others, seniors are online targets. They are seen as vulnerable by scammers and will always be at risk for getting swindled. In fact, the National Council on Aging lists Internet fraud as one of the top 10 financial scams aimed at the elderly. This is why vigilance is important. To protect your senior family members, follow these tips:
Have a conversation


Step one in combating scams is talking about them. The majority of people raised on the Internet – or those who have used it extensively for many years – know all about the Nigerian prince schemes and other similar attempts to steal money. But it can be dangerous to assume that everyone is aware of them. Make sure your older loved ones know that in addition to pictures of their grandkids and cute animal videos, there are a lot of bad guys online.
Encourage some distrust


The best scams are the ones that seem completely legitimate. Email phishing is a common one, whereby someone gets an email saying they’ve won something and they need to click a link to claim their prize. Because it may appear as though it’s from a real company – perhaps one the recipient has bought from before – it can be tantalizing. Generally, the person will be sent to a webpage asking for personal information, possibly including their social security number. Especially when they are unsolicited, people should be skeptical of these emails.
Stay up-to-date on the latest scams


Crooks will always devise new ways to steal from people, and it is important to know what they’re up to. To learn about some of the most recent scams, there a number of good resources, including a fraud alert page from the Federal Trade Commission.
Stress the importance of seeking help


Above everything, be sure that your older family members know that they can get help if they need it. Whether it’s you, other family members, or friends, a good – and easily accessed – support system is one of the best ways for someone to avoid being duped.


Online scammers will never stop looking for ways to take people’s hard-earned money, but these tips can help prevent your senior loved ones from becoming victimized. And if they need a buddy to surf the web, FirstLantic can set them up with a dedicated healthcare professional. Our home health aides are available on an hourly, daily, or overnight basis and they offer everything from companionship to complete nursing services.


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