Improving senior mobility can help mend other physical and mental problems as well


One of the more frustrating effects of aging is losing mobility. As we grow older, activities like cleaning and even walking can become more difficult. Rather than succumbing to these changes, it’s important to focus on ways to combat them – otherwise, they will become worse. Having a plan to consistently stay active will help you or a senior loved one stay in control – mentally and physically.
Focus on the four basic types of exercises


According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), increasing mobility in seniors relies on practicing the four basic types of exercises: strength, balance, stretching, and endurance. Stretching and balance exercises keep people limber and on their feet, while strength training can help build muscle and increase metabolism. Endurance exercises – like swimming and biking – will increase the heart rate and oxygen intake for the muscles and brain.
Understand your body


One of the first steps to improving mobility is understanding an individual’s boundaries and limitations. Don’t risk taking a step backwards by trying out an activity or exercise that you’re unfamiliar with or that puts too much strain on your body. When in doubt, consult with a doctor.
Maintain a healthy diet


Exercise can only take a senior so far if he or she is not pairing it will a healthy diet, which provides the energy to properly execute any exercises. A healthy diet will help increase energy levels while having other massive positive, long-term effects on health. The sooner you can get into a routine of a healthy diet and exercise, the quicker you will see improvements in your mind and body.
Take care of your vision


Maintaining good vision is an essential factor in advancing your mobility. Make sure your glasses stay up to date and eat foods that will help conserve your vision. Don’t miss a vision check-up! Help protect your mobility and decrease the chances of falling due to vision impairment by ensuring you’re doing all you can to maintain eyesight.
Practice fall prevention


One of the main reasons improving mobility is so important is to lessen the chances of falling. Do what you can to practice fall prevention, like using canes and sticks to offer support. The risk of falling only increases with age, so using support whenever possible will go a long way toward reducing the risk.


Sometimes, solving mobility problems can improve other health problems as well. Health care providers, community planners, family members, and other loved ones should work together to increase the opportunities available for older people to maintain independent mobility as long as possible.


And as people age, added help can go a long way in improving you or a loved one’s mobility, ensuring individuals stick to their exercise regiment and maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. When you can’t give your senior the help they need to eat healthy meals and complete their daily activities, find someone who can. If you or a loved one lives in Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, or Martin County, FirstLantic Healthcare is here to help.


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