Learn how we’ve made FirstLantic into a superior home healthcare company


For almost 20 years, FirstLantic has been a fixture in the South Florida community. Our goal from the beginning was to create a company founded on several core principles, including caring for our patients with compassion and dignity, and hiring passionate people with high character.
Our origin story


FirstLantic was founded by two healthcare veterans: Bart Delsing and Jack Maloney. Before they joined forces, each worked for different companies. Bart was President of the Interim Healthcare, Inc. franchise in the Hollywood/Miami area. When the franchise was sold back to Interim, he was appointed the South Florida Area Manager. His duties consisted of running the day-to-day operations of three Medicaid/Medicare branches, a medical equipment company, and an infusion pharmacy. Jack Maloney was the founder of First Quality Rehabilitation, a homecare company serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade Counties. First Quality also operated an outpatient rehab facility.
The fateful meeting


Bart and Jack first met in Tampa in 1993 at a home health conference. First Quality was the sole provider of rehab services to Interim Healthcare, Inc. During that year, Bart and Jack bonded over their shared professions, as well as some hockey; they spent several nights at the Miami Arena watching the Florida Panthers play in the team’s first season.


But it took another three years before the idea of teaming up started germinating. During a round of golf in 1996, the two talked about doing something together. But it took another three years for it to come to fruition. That year, Bart bought Atlantic Healthcare and merged it with First Quality. FirstLantic was born.


In addition to being co-owner, Bart is now FirstLantic’s Chief Operating Officer, and he truly loves what he does. “Knowing that we can have a profound impact on an individual or family motivates and inspires me, each and every day,” he says.


Jack is FirstLantic’s President, overseeing marketing, sales, and recruiting. Every year, he grows fonder of the people FirstLantic gets to help. He believes that the most rewarding aspect of his work is offering the best care and providing peace of mind to patients’ loved ones. He also takes great pride in providing people with career opportunities, as well as helping FirstLantic team members grow within their profession.
The FirstLantic Way™


One of the reasons why FirstLantic stands out from other home healthcare companies is because of the emphasis Bart and Jack put on creating and fostering the right culture. They call this the FirstLantic Way, which stresses several tenets, including honoring commitments, bringing maximum effort, and always doing the right thing. It’s this value system that continually makes FirstLantic a wonderful place to work and grow as a healthcare professional.


FirstLantic has been serving seniors in Palm Beach, Martin, Indian River, St. Lucie, and Broward Counties since 2000. We offer an assortment of care, including daily, hourly, or overnight options. To learn more about what we can do for your loved one, call us at 561-900-7297 or send us a message through our online contact form.
Written by Bart Delsing