Sun and fun for everyone!


There’s nothing more special than the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. And the more time they are able to spend together, the greater the benefits, to both the elders and the children. A close relationship with grandmas and grandpas helps increase self-esteem, grants a higher sense of independence, and fosters a sense of empathy among children.


For the senior, the joy a grandchild brings to their life is immeasurable, and enjoying activities together helps keep them young while providing wonderful companionship. Here are some fun activities that seniors can enjoy with their grandchildren during the summer months:
Plant and tend to a garden


Planting a flower, butterfly, herb, or vegetable garden is not only fun for kids and seniors, it’s exciting to witness the evolution of what you’ve planted together. And because it’s an ongoing project, children and their grandparents can enjoy this activity together on a regular basis.
Fishing expeditions


For those seniors who love to go fishing, summer is an ideal time to share your passion with the grandkids. No matter how old they are, children enjoy holding a fishing pole and sitting on the dock or on the boat, anticipating their first catch. Whether you do a catch-and-release activity or you cook up your bounty for dinner, fishing is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the warm summer days together.
Beach day


Spending a few hours collecting sea shells and building sandcastles on the beach is tops for children and seniors—as long as you slather on the sunblock and pack enough water for everyone. Fresh air, sunshine and the warm ocean water does wonders for your health – and a few hours of sun and fun ensures a good nap for the grandkids!
Movie night under the stars


Nowadays, you don’t need a big screen and projector to enjoy an outdoor movie night. All that’s necessary is a white sheet, a laptop, an LCD screen, and your favorite kid-friendly flick. Pop up some corn, lay out the blankets or the lawn chairs, and enjoy. Make it a weekly sleep-over event and you’ll be making memories that last a lifetime.
Bird watching


There’s something really amazing about seeing wild birds up close. Becoming bird watchers can be fun for seniors and grandkids, and it can even begin with making your own bird feeders to hang in the backyard. Most DIY stores sell wooden kits that are easy to assemble, and they make a great project for you to do together. Once they’re up and filled, you can enjoy watching the activity of the birds that come to feed, take pictures, print them out, and make a scrapbook.


Who doesn’t love to bake? And there’s nothing more scrumptious than grandma’s cookies! Baking together is a fun activity and builds those kitchen skills among the grandkids. After cooking up pies, cakes, cookies and other treats, invite the whole family over for a party.
Arts and crafts


Making art and doing crafts is fun for everyone and encourages creativity among seniors and children. Whether you’re doing simple projects like coloring or finger painting, or more advanced ones like making picture frames (perfect for a photo of grandparents and their grandkids), kitchen magnets, candles, or other projects. The key is to choose age-appropriate crafts and make sure you stock up on the supplies you’ll need ahead of time.
Puzzles and games


Many grown-up grandchildren have fond memories of learning to play chess with their grandparents or playing endless games of Monopoly. Games and puzzles are great ways to interact together and spark brainpower.
Park and playground picnics


Pushing your grandkids on the swings, playing catch, skimming stones in the pond, or just watching them romp around on the playground are great ways to spend an afternoon in the summer. They burn off energy while everyone enjoys the fresh air and sunshine. Pack a picnic to make it even more fun.


For seniors and their grandchildren, summer presents the perfect opportunity to spend time together enjoying a myriad of activities. Sharing hobbies and taking up new ones you can do together will not only create unforgettable memories, but also enrich your lives.


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