Ever worry that you are being left behind in this fast-paced world? Technology can be especially intimidating for many of us. When you watch a four-year old that is already an expert at using a smart phone, it can be pretty discouraging! But don’t lose heart, you have experienced far more difficult things in your life than mastering the digital world and we are here to help! Technology companies are finally starting to create some amazing solutions specifically catered to seniors and FirstLantic is going to make sure that you are in the know!


Grandpad – For those of you that have not invested in an Ipad, this may be a better option. Specifically designed for seniors https://www.grandpad.net/ it is a simple tablet that enables users to view family photos and videos, call loved ones, send voice emails, play classic games, and listen to their favorite tunes with the touch of a button.


Oscar Senior App – Tomas Posker, the CEO of the Oscar Senior App watched his grandmother struggle to use Skype. “She had difficulty learning it, and so she kept calling me,” he said. “Understanding a computer environment is especially hard for the elderly.” So he decided to create an age-friendly app so she could stay connected. His app turns a tablet into a remote-controlled device that can be used for video chats and has other features as well. For more information, go to https://www.oscarsenior.com/


Jitterbug Smart – It is a smartphone that has larger icons and text, a streamlined menu and a 5 star urgent response app among other features. The simplified design takes all the guesswork out of using a smartphone for seniors and puts everything at your fingertips. For more information go to: https://www.greatcall.com/phones/jitterbug-smart-smartphone-for-seniors


Other apps to consider:


Pillboxie uses color coding and simple menus to help people remember to take their medications.
EyeReader turns a smartphone into a magnifying glass.
Silver Surf is an app that helps people to read small print with zoom control.


In summary, the technology sector has long catered to the early adopters and to a younger audience. However, developers are realizing that there is a huge untapped potential audience and are starting to build products that are specifically targeted towards seniors.


Even if you are completely new to technology, there are places where you can learn the basics in an unintimidating environment that makes it easy and fun. For more information on classes check out Senior Planet.org or AARP. So, don’t worry about being left behind! Soon you will be using a smartphone as skillfully as that four year old!


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