You’re the best grandparent that you can be, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile for your grandkids especially during the holidays.  So, when it comes to gift-giving you want to be creative and find something unique that they will remember.  Why not give a present this year that will not only give them joy but stimulate their mind as well?  FirstLantic has ten suggestions for educational gifts that will keep on giving throughout the year by stimulating your grandchild’s curiosity and sense of wonder.


  1. STEM subscription boxes – With Little Passport’s monthly subscription packages, children learn and explore science, technology, engineering, and math all while having so much fun they don’t realize how much new information they are absorbing. They are taught things like how robots move, and how video games are made.  The hands-on activities are perfect for kids of all ages.
  2. Puzzle Gears Pendulum Clock Kit – Watch your grandkids Build a fully functional, fully mechanical, fully amazing pendulum clock! The detailed, illustrated instructions make the building process into an incredibly fun D.I.Y. experience.  And seeing the final result of a functioning clock gives kids a real sense of accomplishment.
  3. ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game
    This brain and puzzle game uses real electrical circuits. The goal is to light up designated LED lights indicated in each of the 60 increasingly difficult challenge cards by forming circuits using pieces or components on a board to let electricity flow where it’s needed. In the process, while your child learns basic electricity concepts and hopefully stimulates his or her interest in electrical engineering or physics.
  4. Please Don’t Feed the Hardware – These kits use familiar hardware to show children how to build adorable animals from high-quality steel, non-toxic, painted parts. The kits are designed to be used for their own creations as well and show kids how to upcycle any piece of unused hardware to build four-legged friends.
  5. Become a craft brewmaster – a root beer brewmaster that is! – This kit includes all-natural ingredients to show children how to make their own craft root beer. This gift is perfect for the future chef or budding scientist who wants to understand how all of the ingredients including yeast come together in the brewing process.
  6. Chaos Theory Machine – Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focused on the study of chaos — dynamical systems whose apparently random states of disorder and irregularities are actually governed by underlying patterns and deterministic laws.  For example, the butterfly effect seeks to provide a metaphor for chaos in that a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas can cause a hurricane in China.   Complicated as the theory is, this building kit makes it easy for children to grasp the concept by building various machines and seeing the theory put into action.
  7. Valtech Magna-TilesDo you have a budding architect or engineer? If so, this is a present for them.  The translucent tiles click together to form both two-and three-dimensional objects like buildings, all sorts of objects, or really anything that their imagination can dream up.  Picasso Tiles are similar options that are a little cheaper at only $30 for 60 pieces.
  8. Crayola Color Chemistry Set – Those of us who used Crayola’s when we were little (and who didn’t) know how much fun the coloring process can be. However, this Crayola kit is made to help kids understand the chemistry behind concepts like color.  The set includes 16 experiments right out of the box and up to 50 if you add some common household ingredients.
  9. KiwiCo Maker Kit – this is another monthly subscription that offers various choices of boxes depending on what is of the most interest to the child. For example, the Maker Kit is a monthly craft box for the budding artist.  Kids discover art and design through tools that allow them to turn their vision into reality with the end result being both fun and functional.
  10. Rock TumblerIf your grandkids are interested in geology and fossils, this might be for them. A non-distinct rock that you pick up on the ground could become a beautiful piece of quartz or agate once the tumbler gets to work on it.  The tumbler kit comes with one pound of rock as well and over time, kids discover gems within the humblest of stones using a simple combination of water, sandpaper, and a continuously spinning barrel.  Give them a rock guide to go along with the tumbler and start planning a rock-hunting trip.


So, while there is nothing wrong with spoiling the grandkids a bit, why not also give a gift that will challenge them and keep their minds active.  All of these ideas are designed to be engaging presents that offer teachable moments throughout.  You might even find yourself “borrowing” one of them to teach yourself some new things!


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