The pluses of domestic help for heroes


We believe everyone is worthy of care, especially our senior citizens. And few would argue with the idea that our veterans are particularly deserving. After all, they gave their time, skills and courage to ensure we enjoy a better quality of life.


Here in Florida, we have one of the highest military veteran populations in America, and a veteran by his or her very nature is used to giving, not taking. It can be especially hard for them to be in a situation where they are reliant on others. However, therein lies the key to helping senior veterans open up to the benefits of home care. Home care is about the kind of teamwork driven by compassion and the desire for a positive outcome.


Let’s take a look at the kind of options that define veteran care, and the benefits they provide.
Home Telehealth


Operated by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), home telehealth is likely to be an appealing option for many veterans. A senior is still under the diligent home care of a health team, but that health team isn’t actually in their home. Instead, the caregivers monitor a veteran’s condition remotely using equipment that’s set up in the home and checks continuously on their health information.


If there’s a cause for concern, the care team consult with a physician and then call the veteran with information on how best to proceed. To some seniors, it’s the best of both worlds: the domestic space is still completely their own, but care is ongoing, with everyone kept in the loop.
Skilled Home Health Care services (SHHC)


If a veteran is in the situation where they require assistance with common daily tasks, management of their case, or instrumental things like taking medication or preparing a meal, SHHC is there. This service not only lightens the burden of day to day activities, SHHC can also be a great help to any caregiver who is currently looking after a veteran. Any care organization in the community that has a contract with VA can supply this support.
Home Health Aide/Homemaker Services (H/HHA)


For veterans who would rather not receive care at a nursing home, Home Health Aide/Homemaker Services offer an alternative in which they can receive care in their own home. Like SHHC, this particular service also offers assistance to family caregivers who can eligibly receive reimbursement for travel and lodging, access to health insurance, training, a stipend, and mental health services.


A real benefit for veterans is a reduction in the sense of being a burden on their loved ones. Everyone involved (the senior, family caregiver, and VA staff) works as a team.


At Firstlantic we’re proud to care for aging veterans. Under a tax-free Veteran’s Administration program, we can provide help with housekeeping, food preparation, personal care, medical reminders, and more. Get in touch with us for more information on qualifying for veteran care.


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