Moving, as anyone can attest to, is not fun. Whether you are downsizing into a smaller home or condo or moving into a retirement community, it can be hard work both emotionally and physically. However, there are things that you can do prior to your move that will make it a lot easier.


Tip 1:

Make a list and check it twice:

Take an inventory of everything that you have within your house and in storage if applicable. Create three lists – stay, go, maybe. This will get you started with the things that you are comfortable letting go. You can then divide the “go” list into various parts like donate, gift, throw away. I know it sounds like a lot of lists but it will get you organized and make it much easier and cheaper when the moving day comes as most moving companies charge by weight even for a local move. There are a couple of good tests for deciding what stays and what goes.

Do you use it every day?
Do you need that manyof them i.e. sheets, towels, etc.?
Could someone else benefit from it?
Will it take up too much storage real estate in your new home?
Do you need to own it to remember it or could you take photos and keep the memories instead?


Tip 2:

Sort through the “maybe” list with some good friends:

Even after you have taken your inventory, you may still have some things on your “maybe” list. Why not invite a few friends or family over and get their opinion? I know that many times I think I have to keep something and a friend will come over and put it in perspective for me. “Are you really in a million years going to wear that again?” “I guess not,” I reply sheepishly. Problem solved! The point is that others can sometimes help you put things in perspective and it is way more fun to go through this process with people that love you (and perhaps a glass of wine as well)!


Tip 3:

Change your mindset!

While it can be sad to part with some of your belongings, you can turn it around by thinking about the people that will benefit from your generosity. There are so many disadvantaged families that are lacking basic necessities such as towels, bedsheets, clothes, dishes, etc. Think about the good that you are doing by providing someone else with things that you don’t use or don’t need anymore. The minute that you think about it from that perspective, it changes your whole mindset and you can feel good about what you are doing.


In summary, moving can be an emotional taxing experience. However, if you prepare both mentally and physically for your move, you can take control which can make the whole experience a lot easier.