The choice between home healthcare and assisted living can be difficult.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about both. FirstLantic wants to help you make the best possible decision for care. Take the short quiz below to test your knowledge and ensure you have the facts.  Answers are provided at the end.


1. Home Healthcare Aides (HHA) always live in the home of their clients. True or False.


2. Home Healthcare services can include which of the following?

  • Medication management
  • Light household chores
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Companionship
  • All of the above


3. Independent Living and Communities for Age 55+ are basically the same. True or False.


4. Home Healthcare is often more expensive than assisted living. True or False.


5. Home care is only for patients who have been recently discharged from rehab or a hospital. True or False.


6. Assisted living facilities do not allow you to customize care. True or False.


7. Pets are allowed at most assisted living facilities. True or False.


8. Home care is impossible if a client has serious medical problems like dementia. True or False.


9. Home Healthcare aides must be certified. True or False.


10. I can set my own schedule if I choose to live in an assisted living facility. True or False.



Answers Below


1. False – Home Health aides can live in the home if required but can also come on an as-needed, hourly basis.


2. All of the above. In addition, many agencies offer other services, such as help with personal hygiene and meal preparation, and more specialized services, such as memory care.


3. False – A 55+ community is age-restricted and usually offers amenities like a pool, gym, golf course, etc. When seniors live in a 55+ community, they are responsible for themselves, including housekeeping, meals, and monthly bills.  Independent living is tailored for independent seniors who may still want to take advantage of certain services such as housekeeping, meal plans, and other amenities.


4. False – The cost of care depends on the hours required and the type of care provided. However, if you just need someone for some help at home part-time, the cost of help at home will be lower than in assisted living.  That is because you can choose the number of hours and the type of services. However, if you require 24-7 care, assisted living will probably be more cost-effective.


5. False – you do not need to have been recently discharged from a hospital or rehab to receive home health care.


6. False – new residents receive a health assessment by the facility when they move in according to state regulations. This gives them an individualized service plan to meet their specific needs. For example, some facilities will often have separate dining rooms and menus based on residents’ nutritional requirements.


7. True – Many assisted living facilities allow residents to move in with their pets.  Pets are good for emotional well-being and also keep their owners more active.


8. False – Many home health care providers offer specialized care from trained professionals to handle more serious medical issues such as wound care, physical therapy, or dementia.


9. False – Requirements for Home Health Aides vary by state. However, all agencies that take Medicaid or Medicare are required to employ HHAs that are certified. However, this is not the case with private home care agencies, so do your homework to ensure that the agency requires the caregiver to have the proper training and accreditation.  It is important to go through a reputable home healthcare agency that has strong referrals, comprehensive training and performs background checks on employees.


10. True – Many assisted living communities provide a good deal of flexibility so that you have the freedom to come and go as you please, whether that means spending a night with friends, going on vacation, or going out for an afternoon of shopping.


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